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Luxury Attitude Academy

The Luxury industry is, by nature, truly demanding. Working in such a specific and challenging environment requires that the people in it comprehend its particular codes and demeanors.

The Luxury Attitude Academy delivers the necessary soft skills to interact with a demanding clientele. Our eye-opening solution focuses on providing the adequate Luxury Service Mindset to become a top-performing Luxury professional.

Luxury Attitude Academy

The first internationally-recognized certified program
in the field of Luxury.

Completing the 12 episodes of the program will give you the keys to understand the workings of the industry and the importance of Excellence in Service.

The Luxury Attitude Academy is a vocational training suited for individuals aspiring to work in the Service sector. The focus given on the Luxury Service Mindset and the comprehensive skillset delivered makes it a Career Booster.

The Luxury Attitude Certificate validates the acquisition of concepts and skills required to play a leading role in Client experience.

Luxury Attitude Academy


The Luxury Attitude Academy consists of 12 learning sessions that blend fiction and education. Each episode covers a specific topic related to the Excellence of Service and places the learners into real-life situations.

The platform offers a comprehensive pedagogic approach with specific features designed to maximize the training results and increase the impact on the learners.

Luxury Attitude Academy
Unique Pedagogy

The unrivaled structure of the training allows a complete immersion in the world of luxury. Each episode sheds light on a specific topic related to luxury service and provides your team with valuable and distinctive knowledge from internationally recognized experts. All the topics covered in our program are intertwined, which makes the learning both appealing and addictive.

1. The Brand Promise

What if everything began with a promise ?

Francois Delahaye

Dorchester COO & GM of Plaza Athenee

Luxury Attitude Academy
Watch – Learn – Act

Luxury Attitude Academy
The Community of Certified Professionals

8,000 Luxury Professionals
Certified Worldwide

The Luxury Attitude Academy is the fruit of years of expertise and experience concentrated on one cutting-edge platform designed to raise Quality of Service and improve Business Performances through Client Enchantment.

Today and along with our partners, IFG Luxury Attitude, we are proud to say that 8,000 individuals from various industries and geographic zones have received their Luxury Attitude Certificate.

Since the launch of the Academy in Korea during the second half of 2018, about 1,000 learners have received their certification and continue to be excellent ambassadors of the brands they represent.

Luxury Attitude Academy Testimonials

Luxury Attitude Academy


Open access to the platform for 1 year even after completion of the program


• Purchase your access online
• An email will be sent to your address including the link to the platform, your login and your password.
• Once logged-in, access the Trainings menu and click on Open to start.


• Payment in our Seoul Office
• Refund cannot be processed after the user has started the program (1st login)


1. The online platform is accessible on PC, Mac, Tablets and mobile devices. The learning experience is enhanced on PC. Prefer Google Chrome to avoid unexpected technical glitches
2. Sharing your access is strictly prohibited.


Tel. 02 2185 8274 / e-mail. support@lbi-group.com
(Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm)

Luxury Attitude Certified

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