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Jan 1st, 2019


30,070,800 won

MsC in Wine & Spirits

This course gives an in-depth presentation of the main wine and spirits businesses around the world. It gives a global approach of wine and spirits world markets, knowledge of wine and spirits environment; in addition to an approach of consumer’s patterns analysis. Students will learn strategic marketing tools and wine broods strategies.

Jan 1st, 2019

Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon

30,068,400 won

MsC in Luxury Management

This course helps students to master marketing, commercial and strategic specificities of the luxury market that becomes more accessible. Thereby, this MsC first year in the international management in luxury brand management, helps to get a more precise overview of the fields led by French firms: Wines and Spirits, Hotel Business and Gastronomy, Fashion, Jewelry and Perfume, Art and Deco.