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Talent Acquisition Solutions

Talent Acquisition Solutions 01

By training professionals in the luxury industry, we know and understand the importance of talent management in each business,
from the luxury business to the organizational business performance.

The LBI Talent Acquisition Team is expert in assessing your company’s recruitment needs, locating top recruitment personnel,
and creating effective talent management processes.

Our Strengths03

In addition, we take pride in working with your HR team
on the streamlined process of recruiting and retaining top talent.

Luxury Expertise

Our specialist consultants, experienced and recognized experts
 in the luxury & retail businesses, focus in understanding the key challenges facing your industry.

Global Network

Search of talent is one of the hardest tasks for any organization. This is why LBI’s global network of consultants helps you to secure candidates who will best suit your organization.

Risk Mitigation

To mitigate the level of risk and enhance the conversion benefits, LBI approaches each recruitment with a meticulous, detailed-oriented handling process by checking the candidate’s suitability with 3 criteria: technical skills, soft skills, and their fit within your company culture.


LBI provides agile reactions to identify your needs, to evaluate and secure leading candidates for your brand’s success.